Our commitment
for the living comfort

Renner Italia plays a leading role in the industrial challenge of sustainable development.
Our researchers combine technological progress, design and nature conservation.

In particular our aims are

  • reduction of the emissions
  • elimination of harmful substances
  • increase of indoor air quality
  • creation of healthier and more liveable places
  • participation to material and energy conservation policies


All our products are formaldehyde free, a substance declared as a carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Many products do not contain alkylphenol ethoxylates (molecule particularly toxic for aquatic organisms) and styrene (aromatic hydrocarbon, that can be harmful to human health). Many other coatings are certified in A+ class according to the French Order 321/2011, that regulates the emissions of indoor products (floors, wall coverings, coatings, sealers, doors and windows…). Renner Italia’s commitment for the health and the environment does not limit in the commercial offer.


Plants, where Renner coatings were born, are powered only by hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass energy. Here again, the aim is the reduction of the polluting impact of the energy system and the protection of the environment. That’s why Renner Italia obtained G.O. (Guarantee of Origin) Certification and stamp “100% Energy from Renewable Sources”: to underline its own conscious choice.

The green soul of Renner Italia can be noticed even in packagings. Water-based coatings are packed in exclusive Evergreen cans and sharply reduces the disposal of special waste. Dirty packagings are considered as special waste and have to be disposed properly. Evergreen is a tinplate can, inside covered by a high-density polyethylene sheet. When there’s no coating left in the can, the dirty polyethylene sheet is taken away and disposed, in order to keep clean the metallic part of the packaging and recycle it. With a good impact on the environment.

Special effects
and the most sought-after

The trendy aesthetic solutions, the most original effects, the sought-after nuances. Renner Italia stimulates the intellectual design and the creative activity through the coatings: incredible instruments to define the visual identity. The visual identity of wooden objects in fact cannot be separated from the colour definition of the finishing.
Our coating specialists make available their endless know-how to professionals, involved in the colour design. In the complicated world of the fire-retardant coating, our chemists combine the trendiest design solutions with the compliance with fire-retardant passive safety standards.