The safety
during exhibitions
and shows

Areas, designated to exhibitions, shows and temporary exhibits, must comply with safety and fire prevention systems, planned ad hoc for the kind of event, morphology of the structure, capacity in terms of participants or visitors. As these are temporary events, often the structures are built just for this occasion, for design reason or for the durability of building materials. Even in structures used in temporary exhibitions, the fire prevention standards, that regulate the use of wooden panels, provide the application of fire-retardant coatings.

Which products of the Firewall range should be used?

1k pigmented system RAF-AP (IT-EU-UK) is particularly recommended for the application on wood, intended for exhibitions and temporary shows. The substrates and objects, fitted in exhibitions, shows and temporary events are the business card of the event itself: that’s why a high protection concerning safety and a perfect performance concerning aesthetics are necessary. Moreover, on the strength of the last obtained certifications, Firewall fire-retardant coatings can be applied on honeycomb cardboard, that, thanks to its ductility, is often used in structures for events and exhibitions.