The design
of honeycomb cardboard:
innovation to be protected

With Firewall range the application of fire-retardant coatings is not limited to wood. Renner Italia fire-retardant coating systems achieved the certification, to be applied on a material, that is becoming popular in the modern commerce, the honeycomb cardboard. Using honeycomb cardboard is more and more widespread in the field of furniture. It is a flexible, light and multipurpose material. It was born as a packaging material, until it captured the attention of shop designers, that started using it for the realization of shelves.

An alternative
among the furniture

It is a material, that can be customized through coating and satisfies the creativity of designers. Recently it is very frequent to find furniture made of honeycomb cardboard: bookcases, shelves, night tables.
Like the wood, with which it is very often combined in the furniture field, it is a highly combustible material. Applying a fire-retardant coating on furniture made of honeycomb cardboard means increasing the quality of the object from an aesthetic point of view and make it a fire-resistant material.