Endless ways
to design the world
and just one big imperative:

Renner Italia fire-resistant coatings were born to protect the safety of people and objects. An efficient coating system can delay the beginning of a fire and can save a life. No compromises are accepted concerning safety. For this reason, it is necessary to entrust experts and to choose Firewall range fire-resistant coatings of Renner Italia.

Fire-resistant coatings
combining safety and beauty

The wood has always fascinated the most important architects in the whole world. It is a very light and resistant material and it is earthquake proof, being the heart of the new bio-architecture. The wood beautifies the spaces we live in, but it is also a flammable material. The spaces housing plenty of people are the ones who need protection the most. Cinemas, shopping centres, schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, houses etc. Firewall coating systems stop the beginning of the fire, limiting the emission of toxic gases, respecting all the complicated standards. But this is not all. Renner Italia fire-resistant coatings don’t change the features of the wood, guaranteeing the aesthetic need of the contemporary designers. Using Firewall coatings means choosing endless ways to enhance and beautify the wood, saying yes to safety. With no compromises.

A recent

Concerning fire-resistant coatings, the couple beauty-safety is a recent achivement. In this field, Firewall plays a leading role. In the past, the application of a fire-resistant coating meant earning safety, but losing beauty. This, because fireproofing needed a high grammage of product. With Firewall, Renner Italia laboratories developed new formulas which can reproduce a large range of special effects, colours, high-quality top coats, even in the field of fire-resistant coatings. Firewall coating system is elegant and ductile and combines these features to the highest resistance to fire, reaching Class 1.